Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Short Review Of Life's Envigorating Habits

WaterJournal  has been active for awhile. My Sunday hikes with Rick generated the blog. And continue to feed it.

On the way to where we took our last hike, Rick turned to me in the car and said: "This is my favorite time of the week - these hikes with you."

They are times for discovery, seeing for the first time, recording those times, and, most of all, for being in the present moment, to which condition we aspire.

copyright 2013 Lyn Horton

And Then The Phenomenon That Is Beyond Comprehension

It Was The Light, Spring And The Thrill Of It All

Thursday, April 11, 2013

And Then The Landing

The Water After Winter

Ceaseless bounding.

The mist and splash in my face and eyes.

The camera saw the air.

The passion of the fluidity. 
My own determination. 
To intertwine with it.

copyright 2013 Lyn Horton