Sunday, January 20, 2013

And the story goes like this

I have been taking photos assiduously since this blog began. 
The enthusiasm about the images I produced was sometimes greater than the quality of the images I chose to post. 
The longer I take pictures, the more I learn about which ones are "the ones." 
Which ones have the personality, the verve, the essence and transmit more than those words can describe.
About fifty. I snapped about fifty on our outing this weekend and Rick said that the one above warranted posting.
You see, I am the person who learns an art through repetition; sometimes performing exactly the same process over and over with the hopes that life will be seen through the lens.
So I posted more than one; the titles of the posts bear the intentions of the photos.

Everything is one. 

copyright 2013 Lyn Horton

Ice On The Rocks

Dividing Lines

Sense evolves intuitively.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Light through the Darkness

The last passing.
The last photograph.
The last steps.
And then we say goodbye.

copyright 2013 Lyn Horton